Analyse the business’ need for communication services. Determine goals for the business’ aims and the results expected.

This information will be revealed through meetings and questions, leading to a set of specific goals, time scheme, defining roles, and possibly an analysis of the gap between needs and desires/preferences. We use proven and effective tools.

Create agency profile tailored to the business’ needs

Chooseagency assembles a list of specifications of which services and demands the business needs and has, along with the knowledge and resources the agency must be able to guarantee in order to satisfy the business’ needs.

From our agency bank we select agencies and create a shortlist that complies with the specifications

Chooseagency has an agency bank including the vast majority of agencies, along with their size, their expertise, their human resources, customers, awards etc.

Briefing the agencies

Chooseagency composes briefings for the relevant agencies specifying the task, cases to be solved, competence requirements, information about the process, and the desired nature of the co-operation.

Presentations and meetings

Chooseagency administers the presentation meetings and evaluates all written material that has been shared in advance. We create a scorecard that all contestants complete during the presentation meeting. If necessary we ensure additional clarifications/questions to the agencies.