Both objective and subjective factors play a part when choosing an agency. Our detailed overview of the industry, our proven selection methods and effective processes make for a successful choice.

Chooseagency helps buyers of communication services choose a provider that suits the buyer. Does your business need express services, industry expertise, a little handful of craziness or real business understanding? We have extensive knowledge of and updated information on advertising agencies, media agencies, design agencies, and digital communication agencies. These agencies are all the more similar in their representation and sales arguments. Yet in reality, the differences between them have never been greater.

We help you to choose the right agency for the task at hand. Our experience is that the process is quicker, the result more accurate and the price more reasonable when an external consultant is involved. We have sold services, bought services, negotiated and delivered – we have experienced both sides of the table.

Chooseagency is the only Norwegian agency that is a member of ANAC – Association of Nordic Agency Consultants.